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Summary of Theft Crimes

Theft crimes can include a number of offenses with a wide variety of consequences, central to all charges is the taking of someones property without their consent.  There are number of specific statutes dealing with types of theft, including Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, telecommunications or cable services, hot checks, shoplifting, robbery, and organized crimes.  generally, the level of a theft offense is determined by the value of the property stolen:

0-$49                      Class C Misdemeanor

$5-$500                 Class B Misdemeanor

$501-$1499           Class A Misdemeanor

$1500-$19,999     State Jail Felony

$20,000-$99,000 Third Degree Felony

$100,000-$199,000 Second Degree Felony

$200,000 or more     First Degree Felony


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