Once  arrested, you will be taken to a jail as soon as possible. There you will be booked in. Booked in is a process by which the jailer categorizes your offense, medical needs, and obtains background information sufficient to verify your identity. After that an arrested will be placed in a holding area, to await being brought before a judge. If arrested on a weekend, sometimes you will not be brought before a Judge until the Monday morning after the weekend.  My firm can help you get a bond set earlier and save you the wait of the weekend to get to a judge.  Once the Judge arrives they will set the bond and apply any conditions they or the State feel necessary to protect the victim or the general public. The Judge will usually set the bond amount based on a predetermined schedule.  The Judges in smaller communities will usually set the bond higher than the predetermined schedule. My firm can deal with getting your bond lowered to a reasonable amount. Usually, these schedules do not take into account any special factors, such as age, medical condition, or income.  My firm can get the bond lowered to a reasonable amount.